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because I'm happy?

I always feel I'm cheating. You smile you as though it's never enough.

We make it seem so easy - some people have it rough.

You start to mark my weepings and the sun takes over your eyes

And all this air we're breathing, full of excuses and several lies

YES I wanna be happy. I wanna be happy. I wanna feel good..!!

There're so many stars stealing the view from my bed

So nostalgic they won't give it a rest!

And all those clouds are thickening the air -

Full of misty flickers of your loveds and careds

And how the night just bears what time fights you over

And what you're pretty sure you just can't spare

music and lyrics by Adaam James Levin-Areddy

ft. Nadia Schleicher

guitar and more vocals by Tomer Navot
clip by AJLA and Dor Raz
co-produced by Emma Vais
edited on Tomer's Computer