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cardio-disco. because sometimes things change.

I think I've known you once

(the sky a purple gloss)

You had your quiet ways, but used to make a fuss

You're so familiar... Say, why don't you sit and stay?

I think I know your face, you must have crossed my way

That god forsaken place - in purple and decay

Was it a summer's day or just a game we played?

I don't know what's coming now and it's freaking me out

Old places and faces started melting apart

Cars explode, planes blowing up and your ship's sinking down

You'll wave and you'll scream but I'll just paddle on

We'll break a new frontier, get high on hopes and fears

You think it's way too far, I say it's just the moon

You think it's too, too soon - I say a million years

We thought you'd die of tears the night you drove away

You had your throes to mend. I think you were upset

Or something like a friend

I think I've known you then

So very slow. So far. So very like you. So very, very like you.

I've seen your eyes, they're blown up back to size

Those purple days fall twice. There's fire to our ice.

I might know you well: a mordant moue's your tell -

It's freezing like a shock - just our kind of hell.

The morning sea, the sky, the night - so Upper West and skell

My red to your brown ale - the Heights, St. Patrick's bells.

Don't turn your back on me

What did they mean by 'free'?

It gets you moon to floor and back for feeling more

It's now a You And Me - who said tomorrow comes for free?

A modern breach to shore - time for being more.

music and lyrics by Adaam James Levin - Areddy

ft. Noa Zilberman

bass: Ken Goshen
guitars: Tomer Navot and Shai Saadia
trumpet: Ben Efron
mix: Shai Saadia
mastering: Andy VanDetta


directed and edited by Adaam James Levin Areddy
cinematography and edited Dor Raz

produced by Emma Vais
editing assistance by Ken Goshen

@AJLA, Pseudogroup